A Case For Brilliant Note Taking


Renewing the art of note taking is something we feel pretty strongly about around here. So much so, that not only is our newsletter this month about this very topic, but we had to make a video stating our case as well.  

A Case For Brilliant Note Taking
Taking great notes, for one, helps you better capture ideas in the moment, instead of hoarding them for later. Uh, we know you think it’s going to magically get better if you stew on that idea for an hour (or thirty) – but taking active vs. passive notes, cracking the code as you go, is a way to help patterns emerge and creative ideas flow more readily.

Secondly if you actually share your drawings with others in the moment – it’s as simple as just turning around your notepad for a little show-and-tell (no, you’re not tipping your hand, it’s called collaborating) – you’ll find that people are able to better imagine your idea, get on the same page, and help you get way further down the road toward that magical place of perfection, or at least completion, than if you’d kept your doodles all to yourself.

Check out our newsletter subject, Draw More In Meetings And Get Others On Your Page. It features what we’ve learned from two expert note takers, visual thinkers and even more importantly visual storytellers – Dan Roam creator of The Back Of The Napkin and Keri Smith artist-as-scientist author of How To Be An Explorer of The World.  We’ve got a few challenges in there that we dare you to try in your next meeting – and hopefully put even the artistic anxiety of the self-proclaimed “non-drawer” at ease.

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