30 Days Later


It’s been a month since Tara and I launched Braid. September has been chock full of to-do lists, calendar appointments, the sound of tap-tapping on keyboards, and tall Americanos with room for cream. We spent September honing in on our vision and constantly pushing ourselves to say what we mean in the most concise way possible. And every day, in between setting up photo shoots and writing blog posts, we documented new ideas - from tweaking our website to make it more efficient to writing our first book.

It wasn’t until a BBC reporter called Tara for an interview about her “obviously bananas” decision to leave her 14-year steady job as an ad agency vp/creative director and start her own business in this kind of economy that we got a little freaked out. We started referring to September as “Scary September” - but those fears were quickly nipped in the bud after we looked at what we had accomplished in just a month.

Let’s recap:
• Our Branding Adventure in Austin, TX inspired Tara’s son Charlie to make a video of his own
• We developed The Braid Method and started sharing it with a few really great companies we think could benefit from a little bit of brand therapy
• Kathleen was a guest lecturer & instructor at the University of Central Oklahoma for a Design II class studying non-traditional invitations
• Tara interviewed Keri about her experience with employee brand training at Starbucks & Disney
• From there we recreated 3 Brands on a Desert Island, you can try it yourself in 5 minutes here
• We taught you how to Pinterest
• We got Michael Stelzner to read Tara’s review on his book Launch

Some other things that caught our attention in September:
• The King of Leon’s documentary Talihina Sky
• Twitter: Your Tool To Surviving The Zombiepocalypse
• A series of beautiful EF Language Center videos that always imply a hook-up at the end
This “Classy Velociraptor.” Random, yes. But getting repinned like crazy

Braid Method Branding for Creatives ECourse

The Braid Method Branding ECourse is for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to support themselves financially with their business, create a blog or consistent online presence, and finally turn the work they’re already doing into a digital product, package, or offering for dream customers. This branding ecourse comes with 7 learning modules in a 300+ page digital download, a workbook with 20+ branding exercises and scripts, a quarterly masterclass, and an exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with us and other students.



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