3 Brands Recreated On A Desert Island


We asked you to tell us what items you would bring with you to recreate your brand on a desert island. And from the two-man shop to the hundred-plus employee organization, no one got a bigger boat. Three objects, one special ingredient and a single critical skill were all they could choose. Here were the survivor-style answers from five very different brands.

Pip & Estella on a Desert Island

The Artistpreneur’s brand. Pip & Estella: vintage-modern interiors and styling.  The single most important skill to Pip & Estella brand survival?  Resourceful styling. So creating lovely castaway digs to lounge around in is never problem.

Lucky Dog Audio on a Desert Island

The Two-Man Shop brand. LuckyDog Audio: sound design. The microphone is a “duh,” but the stopwatch serves a double-function. It helps them tell writers their scripts are waaaaay too long (I confess, I’ve been a guilty party). Plus it symbolizes a frequent client compliment, that LuckyDog’s got “the fastest editor in the west.”  But ultimately their ears are their greatest tool so listening to those clients is the true secret of their survival.

Heritage on A Desert Island

The Resourceful Machine brand. Heritage Solutions: print, promotion & fulfillment company. You’d think their inks would make the list, but this one-stop ultra-resourceful shop can make those out of mud, blood or coconut oil in this castaway version of a well-run machine. That chemical-wonderful-whopping ink smell, though? A must-have for the complete experience.

So tell us! What 3 things would you bring to recreate your brand on a desert island? What's that extra ingredient and single critical skill?

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