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Letters for Creatives 
| from Kathleen Shannon

Two things: 
1. I’m officially back at work after taking an 8-week long maternity leave.
2. Confession: I don’t always love my job.

Kathleen here. Last summer after a particularly fun family vacation Tara and I admitted to each other that we weren’t really looking forward to coming back to work. It’s a scary and confusing feeling to not look forward to coming home to the “dream job” you’ve created for yourself. It goes against all the “live what you love!” rallying cries us creatives have been blogging and pinning to our Pinterest boards. It can leave you second-guessing your creative path – which can then leave you feeling scattered and sobbing into a pillow. (Or is that just me?)  

In fact, when I found out I was pregnant, I had fantasies of quitting the creative entrepreneur hustle and becoming a stay-at-home-mom to a perfectly sweet baby in a fresh white onesie. I quickly learned raising a baby is a whole different kind of hustle (and that onesies stay fresh for about 2 seconds). But the lesson I really needed to learn over the past 8 weeks is that “love” and “fun” aren’t always the same thing. And sometimes doing what matters feels more like work than a dream. Sometimes the hardest things are the most worthwhile. That was a hard pill for this self-proclaimed hedonist to swallow. But it’s true. 

I’ve also learned over the past 8 weeks that I really do love my job – even when it’s not always fun. My purpose as a creative entrepreneur is helping other creatives define and develop a business vision and brand platform so they can get paid to live what they love. My passion is helping them blend who they are with what they do in order to live an authentic life 100% of the time. A little bit of distance from the work made me realize how incredibly important it is to me. So, here I am. 

But the thing is I’ll never quit chasing the dream. That said, I now recognize that building the dream job takes work. And it is always a work-in-progress. Evolving means being aware of what’s working and what’s not. So next week I’ll be sharing more on the Braid blog on how to recognize the parts of your dream job that you love (and how to ditch the stuff you don’t love so much), re-evaluate and set goals for your creative career, and embrace the daily grind that doesn’t always feel so puppies and rainbows. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’re sharing the nitty gritty details on how to have conversations that get you hired by your dream customer. Because the truth is your customers can make or break how dreamy your job feels. Read more on the Braid Blog here. 

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