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My favorite thing about owning a business with my sister is that when we go into business-planning mode we can speak candidly and with total honesty about our money goals. We can say things like “I want to be able to buy a freaking vacation house” or “I want at least 8 weeks of vacation a year” without feeling self-conscious or judged by the other. You see, it’s not just about a number – we’re able to really dig in and explore our goals, desires, and dreams. It’s not just about how much we want to make – it’s about how we want to feel.

It usually boils down to us wanting to feel rich, wealthy, and successful. They might all sound like words for the same thing but they aren’t. When my sister and I get specific about what being rich, wealthy, and successful really looks like, this is what we find: 

- expensive raw denim 
- staying in a fancy hotel 
- buying a new car – with a sunroof
- hiring someone else to clean my house 
- ordering take-out from a fancy restaurant – on a weeknight
- subscribing to Amazon Prime and a United Mileage Rewards credit card 

- having brunch with friends that lasts all day long
- picking my baby up early from daycare 
- working out in the middle of the day
- donating to charity (without having to Tweet about it or pour a bucket of ice over my head)
- my modest heirloom wedding ring (my husband told me we could get something fancy – that it was just a placeholder – but I love it) 
- ordering prints of my Instagram photos
- road trips with my girlfriends 

- a client that cries when she finally gets a brand that looks and feels like what she’s been trying to express all along 
- a really nice email response to one of our Letters for Creatives
- record attendance and an engaged class in our ECourses
- being asked to speak at a conference 
- being able to hire really talented employees 
- having a new client waitlist
- coaching someone through a creative challenge
- feeling like an expert 

Notice any patterns? The “riches” are all about the things you can buy. “Wealth” is about the experiences you can have when you don’t have to worry about money. And “success” is the demand, growth and necessity for what it is you’re selling, what it is you have to offer – and the higher-purpose reason why you do what you do. 

So what makes you feel rich, wealthy, and successful? Let us know on Facebook. 

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Inevitably at some point during a creative entrepreneur’s journey, down her uncertain path, a big leap is going to be required. Actually, big leaps and big risks are usually how this path begins – graduating college, quitting the day job, forming a new partnership, to name a few. The big leaps typically feel risky and daring, they’re equally scary and exciting, and they make for really fun dinner conversations and Facebook status updates. Big leaps will challenge your courage, get your adrenaline pumping, and make you feel like a badass when you make it to the other side. Once they become a habit, you can get addicted to big leaps – craving the next one or even becoming antsy or bored if you don’t feel one coming your way.

The thing is, becoming a successful creative entrepreneur is mostly made up of small steps. The stuff that doesn’t make you feel like a particularly interesting person – things like spending two hours perfecting the tiniest bit of typography in a logo, coordinating a client contract, reviewing quarterly goals, keeping up with the books, writing, designing, and meeting – plus the life stuff like household chores and errands. It’s not that these things aren’t worthy, they’re just not Pinterest-worthy. The value in the small steps comes with consistency, time, and sticktoitiveness. 

Four years ago I went on an adventure to the Himalayas in Nepal to hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Buying a round-trip ticket to Kathmandu: big leap. Flying on a tiny prop-plane carrying 18 passengers into the most dangerous airport in the world: big leap. Getting to Mount Everest Base Camp: small steps. And the higher we got, the more effort each step took. I remember counting my steps to 20 and then I would allow myself to take a 30 second break to breathe and take in the scenery. And get this – when we finally got to Mt. Everest Base Camp we couldn’t even see Mt. Everest. The view of the summit is obscured by the other huge and majestic mountains around. The beauty of the adventure wasn’t in the final destination – it was in the journey along the way. One step at a time. 

Being a working creative means that sometimes you’ll take big risky leaps. But more often the challenge is in sticking to the small steps. 

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Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? The idea, as I’ve come to understand it, is that if you can visualize what you want, it is yours – that your emotions, thoughts, and feelings set into motion what comes your way. So if you’re negative, you will probably attract even more negativity into your life. And on the flip-side if you focus on the positive more good things will come your way. I believe this to be true on a universal “woo-woo” level – that when you get clear, set intentions, and “put it out there” you begin to attract what you want without a whole lot of effort. 

Kathleen here. I see the Law of Attraction show up in my life on a daily basis. I have noticed that whatever I’m interested in personally, is what I seem to attract professionally. For example, when I really started diving into my yoga practice I started attracting a bunch of yogis as clients. When I got pregnant I found that we were being hired by more and more doulas, midwives, and postpartum health coaches. When I get fired up about food I start attracting foodies – from Paleo cookbook authors and experts to juice cleanse coaches and raw food fanatics and everything in-between. Even my more rational business partner and co-workers will tell you that there is a little bit of mojo at play when it comes to attracting these dream customers. But you don’t have to be a magician to make the Law of Attraction work for you too. 

If you’re skeptical about the Law of Attraction here is a more practical breakdown of how to make it work for you: 

The first step to attracting the good stuff is to get clear about what it is you want. What do you want in your business? If it’s new clients what do you want those clients to be like? Is it more money? If so, write down exactly how much you want to make this year. Is it a beautiful home or a badass wardrobe? Maybe start a Pinterest moodboard so you can visualize what that looks like. 

Start writing about, talking about, and thinking about the stuff you want. Make it a priority to share the stuff you like – personally and professionally – at home, at work, over coffee, while you’re networking. The more you can have other people thinking about your goals the more likely it is someone will think of you when the opportunity to fulfill those wishes presents itself. 

The most important part of making the Law of Attraction work for you is to take note when you wishes come true. Perspective is everything – your thoughts make your reality. I recently read that the only difference between lucky people and unlucky people is mindset. Oops! I’m starting to get even a little more woo-woo-meets-business here. Okay, so for example – when Tara and I started Braid Creative I said “I want to work with someone famous and I want to make $X amount of money.” Well, just a year in we landed Brené Brown as a client (a personal hero of mine who found us when I did a book review of Daring Greatly and shared it with her via Twitter – that’s an example what “putting it out there” looks like) and three years in we just now hit a big money goal. If I had not set those goals in the first place I might see these events as one-time flukes or quickly go on to raise the bar without properly acknowledging these accomplishments. 

Try this: write down a list of 5 things you want to attract. Get as specific as you can about these desires. (So don’t write “I want to attract money.” Instead write down “I want to make $1,000 in one week.” Or whatever your money goal is.) Put these five goals or desires on a post-it note that lives on your mirror or computer so you can see it everyday. Take note when these goals become a reality (and they will). 

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