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We Liked We Loved May

Have we ever told you about our brother? You see, we’re not the only creative entrepreneurs in the family. Almost a decade ago our brother, Donny (aka Donny Vomit), ran off to New York City to join the original Sideshow by the Seashore in Coney Island. Now he tours the country performing his act – which includes his signature stunt, The Human Blockhead, in which he drives a nail into the back of his head by way of his nose. In fact, Tara and I got to close out the month of May by watching his act on stage last night after his show came through town. 

Anatomy of Donny Vomit's Personal Brand

Donny is a pro at using his personal brand to help build a sustainable business for himself - which is not an easy feat for someone who has decided to make a living as a carnie. And that inspires us. 

So Tara and I decided to have our own circus-inspired shoot to illustrate why creative professionals should bravely lead with their personal brand when it comes to their small business. My favorite online magazine We Like We Love featured our shoot plus a little advice on how to be bravely self-centered when it comes to blending your personal brand with your creative business. (But you don’t have to grow a handlebar mustache, we promise). 

How was your May? Were you tempted to quit your job and join the circus? Let us know on Facebook.

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