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Making The Most of Your Multiple Personalities

As a creative entrepreneur you probably have to wear a lot of hats and carry a lot of job titles – from creative, to accounting, to blogger, to manager, to janitor. One day you may be launching and selling, and the next you might be designing, making, and producing. Some days you might feel proud of your hard work – like you’re really paying your dues and earning your keep. Other days you might feel straight up crazy, spread thin, and done. 

So how do you avoid feeling completely scattered and burned out? I believe that to be a successful creative entrepreneur you need to identify and embrace your multiple personalities – the attitudes and actions that are required for any given role. And to be a happy creative entrepreneur you have to be able to leverage those aspects of self at any given time. 

Inspire, Sell, Plan, Work

When Tara and I first started Braid Creative we constantly felt like the other was pulling more weight and doing more work. It turns out we were both busting ass but in very different ways. I was designing, producing, and blogging while Tara was methodically figuring out logical next steps for our clients. I am a hot spark and Tara is a slow burn. I am a designer and Tara is a copywriter. I like to make fast bold decisions and Tara likes to think it through. I decide I want an ECourse and Tara figures out how to build the foundation for our content. But not everybody has a sister (you guys do know we’re sisters, right?) with opposite and complementary skillsets to partner up with. 

So this is where I propose you get cozy with your multiple personalities – find the aspects of you that balance your analytical left brain (the part of you that can juggle a busy calendar and balance the books) with the more creative right brain (the part of you that wants to make! and do!). 

Changing Out Your "Personality" Hats

When Tara and I are taking our one-on-one clients through the Braid Method we dissect their multiple personalities by asking the following questions: 

• HOW DO YOU ATTRACT? How do you attract your clients? Are you sharing your gifts of knowledge and expertise in an authentic tone? What makes people interested in you? This aspect of yourself is probably the most sparkly or perhaps contrary. Your attracting personality is who you are when you’re blogging, engaging in social media online, and networking offline.

• HOW DO YOU REASSURE? Inspiration is not enough to close a deal. How many times do you get inquiries that love your portfolio but get sticker shock or cold feet when it comes to actually hiring you? It’s because they’re not convinced they’re going to get the same results your past clients did. How do you reassure them that they’ll get something they love too? Your reassuring personality should come out when closing deals – over email, on a Skype session, or over coffee. 

• HOW ARE YOU A LIKEABLE EXPERT? When we say “likeable” we’re not talking puppies, rainbows, exclamation marks, and emoticons. We think of likeable experts as trustworthy and consistent. In what ways do you gain trust before, during, and after a client engagement? Your likeable expert is the one who wears the pants in the relationship with your client. 

• HOW DO YOU DELIVER? This is probably the most unfabulous aspect of self. The part of you that writes really great (and bulleted) creative rationales, and the part of you that looks very intense while tweaking that logo or color adjusting that image just so. It’s the part of you that meets deadlines and gets sh*t done. This is an aspect of you that we don’t think you should necessarily share with your customer. They don’t need to know how late or hard you’re working – work ethic is a given. But this aspect of self still needs to be nurtured in order to avoid burnout or resentment. 

Now, take a look at these aspects of self. Which are you most comfortable with? Which needs a little more attention and help? What could you do right now to leverage some of these split personalities? 

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