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Happy Halloween! Kathleen here. In the spirit of the spookiest of holidays I have a confession to make: I kind of want to be a witch. I crave the kind of structure that comes with casting spells and wielding energy to make magic happen. Plus, growing up I really loved magical movies featuring badass witches including, but not limited to, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins (she was totally a witch, right?), Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and as a moody teenager I totally wanted to join the cast of The Craft. I missed the window for Harry Potter but can’t wait until I can read the books and watch the movies with my baby once he gets a little older. 

So, here at Braid Creative we believe in blending who you are with what you do (we have an entire ECourse on Personal Branding dedicated to that blend). And with the blend I like to bring a little magic into my work. Today, in celebration of Halloween, I want to share a few tips on how you can make your work a little more magical too. 

If a witch wields her intention with a wand we do it with a big chalkboard. Every quarter we draw blank spaces on the giant chalkboard wall in our office (which can feel quite intimidating) as a way to attract and make space for our dream clients. You can read more about our magical chalkboard method and how we manifest money here.  

When witches cast spells, the words they say hold a lot of power (or at least that’s what I gather from all those witchy movies I watched as a kid). So a mantra, the words you repeat over and over again, hold power. What you say today will become your reality tomorrow. “Be a farmer, not a hunter” is our money mantra and when I went from being “crazy busy” to “wildly productive and living the dream” my life started to feel much more, well… dreamy and productive. 

When Tara and I first started Braid Creative we each put $3,000 dollars in our bank account for our startup cushion. As we deposited those checks I told her “we’re going to see a tenfold return on this investment within the next year.” And we did. 

These days I demand a tenfold return for the investment my clients make with us. Every time a client sends us a check I say a little spell and make the intention that the work I do for them will get them a tenfold return (and then some). It’s common for creatives to feel awkward asking for money, but this little bit of tenfold magic is why I never feel bad asking for money or guilty for the amount we charge. 

If your spell involves lots of exotic ingredients, complicated words, and unlikely circumstance you have more chances of messing it up and seeing zero return on your magic-casting. So if your spell involves boiling frog legs in a twenty gallon cauldron boiling with rosemary and turmeric in fresh spring water while the moon is 22.5º degrees over the horizon while the wind is blowing from the East, all while reciting the equivalent of a TED talk in ye olde English – you’re probably going to mess it up. But if you have a simple spell, such as lighting a yellow candle and reciting two words with intention – you’re less likely to flub it up. 

What part of your work, your offerings, or your creative process are you over complicating? How could you simplify the spell?  

I’m not sure how much I believe in the moon and the stars, but recently I was having some relentless computer problems and it turns out Mercury was totally in retrograde. Of course it was. So because of that I allowed myself a little more wiggle-room to get my work done and tried to avoid scheduling Skype meetings and signing contracts during this time. I’ve also recently found that I’m most creative leading up to a full moon – so I use this time to knock out lots of blog posts. And I feel more strategic and dreamy during the new moon – so I use this time to do some goal-setting and reflecting. If you’re feeling a little woo-woo, pay mind to the moon and the stars and see how it affects your creativity and plan accordingly. 

The biggest way to make magic is to keep your eyes peeled for it. Notice moments of synchronicity, serendipity, and coincidence. Sometimes your goosebumps will tell you, sometimes the look on the face of your client will tell you. Know that it’s magic and you’re making it happen. Better yet, acknowledge those moments with those powerful words of yours, even if you’re just saying them under your breath to yourself, “ah, yep, it’s happening… that was magic.” 

Our Braid ECourse Personal Branding: Blending Who You Are With What You Do will be in session from November 14 - 23 and is great for bloggers, creative professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to work more of that magic into both at work and play. See if it’s a good fit and register here.

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I think artists are typically pegged as being eccentric, messy, and unorganized when it comes to their space, their creative process, and how they do their work. But when it comes to creative entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into profit, organization is essential – in fact some of us pride ourselves on how organized we are.

Kathleen here. I spent last week in Palm Springs at Designer VACA with a hundred designers who are not only creative, but super organized – so much so, I started to think my own perceived organizational skills maybe aren’t as fine tuned as they could be after all! As a small team working together here at Braid, our methods for staying on top of everything (some automated, some more old-school, like good ‘ol post-its) have served us well up until now – enough that people often ask how we manage it all. So today I want to share how we stay organized, plus some new tools, tricks, and tips I’ve learned about, but haven’t yet tried, that could help us (and perhaps you, too) get even more streamlined in our daily grind. 

Here at Braid Creative we use Gmail. There is a lot of functionality built in like folder, labels, and tasks – plus extras in Google Labs like canned responses and multiple inboxes. 

At Designer VACA Jessica Hische gave us her secret to maintaining a zero inbox and that is to 1) download all your emails and respond to them offline. That way you can’t get sucked down an internet rabbit hole while answering emails. And 2) Stop using “unread” emails as a to-do list (guilty here) and instead read the email, respond appropriately, and add any actions required to your actual to-do list. 

We use a combination of Google Docs, Google Calendar, and our magical chalkboard wall to keep track of our clients, project workflow, and to-dos. It’s a system that works for us but I wonder if we couldn’t automate it a bit with some project management tools. Here are a few that were recommended to me by other designers: 

Admittedly, I’m still a fan of a post-it note stuck to my desktop to keep track of my to-dos but because we’re a team of four and growing every day it’s best if we can all see each other’s tasks. Also, we bill per project and not hourly (read Breaking the Time Barrier if you want more info on that) so we don’t typically keep track of our time – but now I’m seeing how measuring how we spend our days could be good for redefining our roles and distributing our to-dos. So here are a few apps for keeping track of tasks, to-dos, and time. 
Self Control (just in case you need help from distractions)  

Here at Braid we have no less than two or three meetings a day – and with clients from all over the world we’re juggling a lot of time zones. My calendar looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle at times and I think it’s the place where I could use the most automation. Here are a few apps for that: 

Cloud storage is where it’s at – but our designer Kristin always says if it’s not backed up three times it’s not backed up. So be sure to invest in a good external hard drive and back that shit up! Here are some cloud options: 
Google Drive / Docs (apparently you can use it just like DropBox!) 
Amazon S3

Okay – so if you’re like me and still like to put pen to paper a good way to stay organized is by keeping everything in one notebook. I actually observed my friend, illustrator and designer Becky Murphy using just one notebook for sketches, lists, and note-taking. (Meanwhile, I was scribbling ideas on the hotel notepad, a random moleskin, and with the notes app on my phone.)  

The biggest tip I learned for getting organized is to hire someone else to do it for you. It’s great to have organizational systems and administrative processes in place so you can easily hand off tasks to a virtual assistant, but if organization isn’t your thing a virtual assistants can help put those systems in place for you. It’s good to know exactly what tasks you want a virtual assistant to help you with – whether it’s bookkeeping, managing your email, calendar, web maintenance, or even managing your social media and marketing. My new friend Kyla Roma recommends Virtual Miss Friday. 

What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Let us know on Facebook! 

If you need a little help shaping up your blog, social media, or even everyday words- our next Braid ECourse, Shape Up Your Content: Tame Your Ideas and Tell People How to Buy You is now open for registration and will be in-session October 17 - 26. Learn more and register here. 

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Kathleen here and today I want to admit that work, life, the blend, and the balance has managed to kick my ass this week. Back-to-back client meetings, planning for the future of Braid Creative, creating content, coming down from a big talk and already prepping for the next – it's the good kind of stress that I typically thrive on. But then add to the mix 1.) a nocturnal baby with a stubborn fever, 2.) my own symptoms of unrequited wanderlust, and 3.) a serious case of “never-enough-time-itis” – and I'm melting down. So even though a big part of my work is coaching other creatives through the work / life hullabaloo I'm still susceptible getting stuck, scattered, and spread thin. 

But here's the deal... I'm comfortable admitting that I don't feel like I have it all together all the time because most of us don't. Think of the most successful person you know. Even she suffers from insecurities from time-to-time. I mean, I bet even Beyonce has her days! As I get vulnerable with my creative confidants and tell them that I'm burning out they almost seem relieved because "ME TOO!" – from homework battles with their kids to the general pressure of running your own thing and chasing the dream. It can be overwhelming. 

So what do you do when you feel like you've taken a work / life beating? Follow the energy. Let me explain. 

First, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Get centered. Now, take stock of what's going on in your work and life. Mentally walk through your day from beginning to end. Where are there energy leaks? For example, how does your email inbox make you feel? Is it draining? How are your client meetings? Do you feel fried after working on a project? How is your sleep? What about your relationships? Do some of them leave you feeling toxic? How do you feel after spending time on social media? Do you feel connected or like you've been caught in a comparison trap? Energy leaks can be big and little – from abusive clients to a broken pen you keep picking up. Try to be honest about the big ones and mindful of the small ones. 

Alright, now that you've identified the energy leaks it's time to pinpoint the things that give you energy. If you're an extrovert you might get energy from coffee with a new friend, a fun networking opportunity, taking a new class, or having a dinner party with pals. If you're an introvert you might gather energy from a good book, a long walk, or meditation. (If you're like most creatives I know you have a good mix of intro and extro-vertedness – so a mix of both may do you good). Now take stock of the work you do – which projects make you feel really good? What kinds of clients do you seem to have the most chemistry with? When it comes to exercise do you feel more restored and energized after a sweaty yoga session, a long run, or some intense crossfit? What creatively energizes you? Do you love writing, taking photos, sketching, gardening, cooking? 

Once you pinpoint what gives you energy start doing more of that. Make it a part of your job description. Do the things that give you the most creative energy first thing in the morning and right after lunch. Develop a new offering or product that utilizes more of what energizes you. Or maybe just keep it for yourself (as a passion project or hobby) but schedule time for it into your day or week. Oh, and the stuff that drains you? Do less of that. Try delegating it to someone else or just don't do it at all. Or at least take a closer look at it and ask yourself "why" you're doing it and how it could be less draining. 

What are your energy leaks? Let us know on Facebook! 

Need more Creative Coaching? Check out my DIY Coaching for Creatives email sessions. It's $40 for 4 weeks of how to live-what-you-love content delivered straight to your inbox. See if it's a good fit and sign up here. 

If you need a little help shaping up your blog, social media, or even everyday words- our next Braid ECourse, Shape Up Your Content: Tame Your Ideas and Tell People How to Buy You is now open for registration and will be in-session October 17 - 26. Learn more and register here. 


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