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Meditation Techniques for Creative Entrepreneurs | Braid Creative

Meditation for creative entrepreneurs

Raise your hand if you made a resolution to meditate more in 2016. (I’m raising my hand). Since January 1 how many times have you taken the time to get quiet with yourself? (I’m counting half the fingers on my raised hand.)

Meditation has hit the mainstream and it’s something we’ve all learned is as important to our health and well-being as exercise and eating right. If you’re like me it’s hard for you to make sitting with yourself in silence a priority. It’s just so easy to put off when you have blog posts to write, TV shows to watch, books to read, treadmills to run, Pinterest to peruse, things to design, and a world to take over. As I’m trying to develop my own meditation practice I’ve been giving lots of thought to different kinds of meditating and tools to help me stick with it. Here’s what I’ve uncovered:

So this is what I think of when I picture what meditation looks like. And this is often the kind of meditation that I put off and don’t make time for. I’ve found that my challenge with sitting down and being silent with myself is that my mind starts to race. I get that meditation is the practice of stilling those said racing thoughts, but it can be such a struggle. So I’ve found that having an intention or even a guided story in my mind helps me find focus and the kind of deep peace I’m looking for with my meditation practice. I share four different meditation “stories”, weekly, in my DIY Coaching for Creatives Email Sessions that I’ve found super helpful to developing my own sit-down-and-meditate practice. It’s not a typical guided meditation where you plug in the headphones and listen to someone talk to you. It’s more like a narrative or guide that you read and recount for yourself as you settle into silence.

If you are interested in more hands-on guided meditations check out Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations. Or check out this Buddhify app. My life coach friend recommends these freebies at Tender Logic. You can also find lots of free guided meditation resources on YouTube. Also, try seeking out meditation classes being held in your area!

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Different types of meditation for creative entrepreneurs

I firmly believe that while sitting in silence with yourself to meditate is a great way to tap into your subconscious that a moving meditation can be just as powerful – if not more so. (Or maybe it’s my way of justifying not sitting down every day to get all spiritual with myself.) Either way. Moving meditation is my favorite. This might look like dancing, yoga, rock climbing or simply sweating it out at the YMCA. The idea is to climb into your body and find a focused awareness in your breath and movement in a way that silences your mind (even if a spin instructor is yelling at you to push it). I also believe that moving your body with focus and intention helps energy and emotions flow, release, and recharge as needed.

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Okay, so if you really can’t get into sitting down to meditate or moving meditation, try living meditatively. In other words, be present. I practice living meditatively when I’m doing chores. Cleaning, folding laundry, washing dishes, and cooking dinner are all opportunities to practice presence and living meditatively. As you’re going through the motions try and focus solely on the task at hand. Give 100% of your attention and awareness to that bowl your washing or those veggies you’re chopping. Showering and brushing your teeth are also great times to practice living meditatively.

I’ve found that practicing presence and stilling my mind while I’m doing mundane tasks like personal hygiene or housework gives my mind space to come up with creative ideas and solutions I wouldn’t have thought of if I had been sitting in front of my computer working.

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Almost every creative I work with wants to incorporate more meditation, prayer, stillness, whatever you want to call it, into their day. But it can be easy to put off when you think about all the effort that goes into taking time to be still. I myself have been putting off my own meditation practice because the amount of emails I could answer or the blog post I could write in the time I should be dedicating to meditation wins. So lately I’ve been practicing the 2-minute meditation.

Because two minutes is all it takes.

Taking two minutes to center and ground myself has been working wonders for my attitude and ability to focus. I find it especially helpful to take two minutes before I transition from one task to another. So before I go into a meeting, before I sit down to write, before I go pick up my baby from daycare … I simply take two minutes to be still.

Try this: Close your eyes. Feel your feet or sacrum firmly rooted to the earth. Quickly scan your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Inhale to the count of four and exhale to the count of eight. Flood your body with light and as you exhale feel yourself relax a little more. You can do all of this in just minutes. Try incorporating this practice throughout your day over the next week.

P.S. If you like this post you might like my DIY Coaching for Creatives Email Sessions. It’s 4 emails x 4 weeks (16 emails total) for just $40. Complete with worksheets, exercises, mantras, meditations, and to-dos for time management, decision-making, and strategies for living more of what you love – in work and life. You can learn more about what you’ll get and purchase anytime here.


branding for designers

Kathleen and Tara here. We want to talk to the designers out there for a minute. You want to be this amazing creative designer who works for yourself… but it can come with all this fear of rejection, self-doubt, and uncertainty (like "is this even a real job?").

But you do it anyway because you love design, and you want to create a working life for yourself that you love.

One thing we’ve learned from working with, talking with and getting dreamy with other designers, is that it doesn’t matter if you work in a big city, small town, or somewhere in between – designers rarely stop at just being designers. There’s always a vision.

So what’s your vision? Is it to design for a certain kind of dream client? Who? To design within one very specialized kind of niche? What? To pair design with planning, consulting or some other kind of service? How? To infuse your design with more purpose? Why? To what end?

designer vision

All the questions!! But that’s how we do. We always want to give you a framework for thinking about what’s next for you and confidence owning what you can embrace now.

We started as designers. We still are designers. We love branding designers. So we got all fired up and wrote a how-to-do-it-guide... for the designers. It’s really how we shaped our work into a method that lets us do the work like creative experts, and it’s how we share what we know in a way that brands us (and gets us hired as) creative experts.

how to guide for designers

So how do you shift from being solely a designer-for-hire, to being a creative who guides their own process, shares their point-of-view, and is branded (and hired as) an expert? 7 Ways Designers Become (& Brand Themselves As) Creative Experts is the ebook we’ve made just for designers, and you can download it for free when you sign up for our Branding for Designers emails to your inbox.

The ebook has exercises, reminders, inspiration, plus the fill-in-the-blank scripts we use when we brand designers, that help you start to shape what being a creative expert looks like (and sounds like) for you. We know if you can get that creative expert blend into what you do, then everyone else will see it too.

expert branding for designers

Here’s a quick look at the “7 ways” in a nutshell:

1. Don’t just show your work… share your vision. What do you love to design? What kind of clients do you have the most impact for? What project or idea do you have up your sleeve, that you could share? What are you thinking about doing next? Surely you have at least one platform where you could start talking about this vision a little more – even if it’s simply in your conversations. (click to tweet)

2. Share your work too, just make sure it’s the kind of work you want to attract more of. If you don’t already have current design projects that reflect the kind of future work you want to be known for – then design a passion project. And show it! (click to tweet)

3. Define your style point-of-view and declare it! Can you put your finger on the style you love? Can you verbalize the design aesthetic that you’re most drawn to? Can you look at your work and see a common thread that people can expect from you? (Hint: your clients may not be able to describe it, but they can see it… so why not put words to this look and feel… it will make you sound like a creative expert, and it will make them feel trust in your choices that no longer seem arbitrary but part of your specialty). (click to tweet)

4. Try to narrow in on your dream client! Who are they? If you don’t know, how do you know when you find them? (click to tweet)

5. Then once they’re your clients, let them in on your creative process! Don’t have a creative process? Yeah, you do. You just need to get better at outlining it (for yourself, and them) and then sticking to it! (click to tweet)

6. Don’t forget to tell them what they actually get. Being a creative expert does not mean being vague. You’re still doing stuff. Ideas and inspiration are great and all, but what are they actually paying for? Don’t forget to clearly straight-talk tell people what you’re designing, packaging up, and delivering for them – and where that delivery ends. (click to tweet)

7. Blend you into what you do. The blend is your special sauce, it’s You: The Professional plus You: The Person. So be sure your style and your voice are reflected in your brand. That means talk how you really talk, set your own rules for how you work, and get your own design style (even personal style) into your brand look and feel. (click to tweet)

Designer Branding ebook

Get your free ebook:
Get the “7 Ways Designers Become (& Brand Themselves As) Creative Experts” EBook by Tara & Kathleen, with scripts, exercises, reminders, and inspiration for the designer blending who you are into what you do, as you define your personal brand, build your creative expertise, and create your dream job.

If you’re interested in working with us one-on-one to develop your Brand & Business Vision learn more about how we work with designers.


Put You Into Your Brand And Plant It | Braid Creative & Consulting

Personal Branding Foundation

Tara here, and when we develop a personal brand for a creative entrepreneur we have a pretty strong belief— it’s called the blend. We feel so strongly about it, because we don’t do branding any other way.  Kathleen and I believe—no, we know—that the blend of who you are and what you do is like magic.

It’s not like one-shot magic bullet. “Bam! This is how I’m going to be famous, and/or fulfilled, and/or make a million, and/or make just enough. I’ve figured it out, let’s launch this and call it a day!”

Nope, this blend is more like magic beans. “Here’s my personal style bean. Here’s my beliefs bean. My skills are the speckledy one. My offering, oh yeah, it’s the gold one.” I may have started describing eggs, but that metaphor works too, because you’re hatching something, and it’s not just one thing. You’re hatching a collection, a mix, of all these amazing gifts you have going for you. They just need some nurturing, hard work and time to see them come to light.

I know in the story the beanstalk is already sprouted into the sky by morning. Your business and your brand is not going to be everything you hope for overnight (or even a few months from now.) But in a year? In two? Oh man, in three? You could be halfway into the clouds.

Personal Branding Blend

Personal Branding Message

You may think I’m kidding, but think of those beans/eggs in the palm of your hand for a second. Write each one on a scrap of paper if it helps. Name them what they are.

My style is ____.
My voice is ____.
My purpose is_____.
My creative expertise is ______.
So I make ________.
To help people ________.
Because I believe ____ matters.
So I’m growing a ______ business.
I want to reach _____ in the sky.

Now, look at what you wrote. Are you in there—Not what you think your clients want to hear, or what your past work experiences have told you to say, but you? Are you using words you actually say? Is your style peeking through? Is the creative expertise you want to claim and the working life you want to create showing up in this mix? This is a blend. So look again, and now ask, is how people can hire you in there? Where is the business part? What do they actually get at the end of the day from this person that is you?

Even if these feel like small, unformed ideas, know that they are the beginning of something big. Because if the fairy tales teach us anything, it’s that we’ll get what we wish for.

Now plant these beans where you stand. Where you stand could be anywhere. It could be a big city or a small town, you could have grown up in the same neighborhood that you still live in today, or be a digital nomad traveling the world.

You can grow a business being exactly who you are and delivering to clients, customers, readers, followers, subscribers (whatever you call the recipients of this gift you have to share). Because your unique blend is going to help them get what they need too. And aren’t we all just planting dreams of our own but afraid to go after it alone?

Personal Branding Leap

We’ve all got magic beans in our pocket, we just have to plant them. We’re all scared of giants—the big “what if’s” and the failures. But there’s a reason we’re dreamers and doers (that’s the best blend of all). Because we? We still climb anyway.

Braid Method Branding for Creatives ECourse

The Braid Method Branding ECourse is for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to support themselves financially with their business, create a blog or consistent online presence, and finally turn the work they’re already doing into a digital product, package, or offering for dream customers. This branding ecourse comes with 7 learning modules in a 300+ page digital download, a workbook with 20+ branding exercises and scripts, a quarterly masterclass, and an exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with us and other students.

If you’re dealing with creative fear, need help with time management, or simply need a boost of inner-confidence when it comes to showing up and being seen you might like the DIY Coaching for Creatives email sessions. You can sign up anytime! It’s just $40 for 4 weeks of content delivered straight to your inbox – plus, it’s a great way to invest in yourself at the beginning of a new year.


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